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Monday, April 19, 2010

I Am Not the Only Nerd!

Here it is folks! Our second fantasy Madball and I must say this one is totally awesome and gross! Justin Gray is a Philadelphia based illustrator that I've been great friends with for about 8 years and you should check out his stuff at Burn To Build.
His fantasy Madball is named Henry Ballins or as Jeanne D'Angelo suggested Up the Chunks. I was going to point out "the one thing I love about this is.." but it turns out there's about a million things I love about this. For one, the finger in the barf is super gross. How'd that get in there? AND the broken bottles and syringe hark back to Garbage Pail Kids but seeing them this big makes me wonder what it would be like to not only swallow them, but then regurgitate them. Ouch. The tiny zits look so full that they're going to rip off Henry's face and the skin pulling around the safety pin makes me wanna get this guy a band aid. My absolute favorite is the bullet going through his head that I thought was just a bloody wound the first time I looked. Ew.

In conclusion, this is amazing! Justin IS a totally sweet dude who's stuff you should check out. And fantasy Madball art is fun so send me something!


  1. AHHH HA HA HA!!! CRASS SYMBOL!!! Brilliant.

  2. a-MA-zing !!!! best puke coloring i've ever seen!