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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Journey Into the Unknown Part 4: Don't Call It a Come-BLECH!

Hello fiends and revenants! I know it's been a while since I dished up some ghoulish 80's monster ball madness but it wasn't due to laziness. In the 10 (!!) months since my last post I've been on trips to Ireland/England, Maine, Vermont/Massachusetts/Connecticut, and Portugal. On top of that I've been focusing on my H.P. Lovecraft monster blog( Yog-Blogsoth) as well as doing gallery shows and freelance work.

While there hasn't been much time for ball blogging, there has been plenty of time for ball buying! I've scored some gems in the past year and I'm going to start posting them again. The first batch are all inflatable rubber rip offs, about the size and shape of an authentic Madball, much like the 5 original Sadballs. Saint Sadball Of Orb. There's a lot of pics to make up for lost time, so enjoy!
Our first new entry is this dillhole. A creepy wannabe that I scored in a lot on ebay. I've seen this guy around but only just got one for myself. He's an excellently sculpted, super gross skull-thing with a huge bulging eyeball. The scar tissue around said eye and completely covering the other eye makes it look like his face is a huge zit that has just been popped. I think the blue and red color combo helps with that as well. He has a weird set of stitches on his head that may be baseball stitches? I dunno...he doesn't look anything like a baseball except for that. OH! I almost forgot to name him. Let's go with Baseboil...that sums him up!

God, this Peter Lorre lookin' dude (Peter Gory!) that's next kinda sucks. He's not really a monster as much as an extremely ugly guy with a pirate patch. I guess he does have that scar above his patched eye and that patch has a pupil?! He's also not really shaped like a ball, but kinda like a nut. Thumbs down!
Our next malformed mutilated monster, is an extreme mess. Don't get me wrong, Two Eyed Willy here is pretty neat (way better than Peter Gory), but he just looks a There's a lot of detail but everything seems wonky, like a child drew the original sketch. Again, we have a skull-thing creature, with parts of his skin still on but sloughing off? He also has an eye patch but for some reason it's covering up, what appears to be, a fully functional eye. It does have some pizza sauce beneath it so maybe he's just a messy eater and the patch is like an eye bib? His gnarly fang mouth is cool, as well as his skeletal no-nose, but they're all crooked and skewed. Definitely a weird one.
These next two are really bizarre. Whoever designed them was on mescaline or peyote or whatever monster ball designers use, but maybe they used too much. Obed Marsh here is a crazy fish-human hybrid, with bulgy (look at the detail) eyes, tiny fins and tropical colors. He also has human teeth, nose and tongue and for some reason two sets of lips? I love this dude, but the back has absolutely nothing goin on. Junkless trunk.
His compatriot (Ball Of Confusion) defies all logic. Same over the top color scheme but with a...ummm....I guess I'll start with his mouth? What's going on there?! Did he get punched and it turned green? Is he half dinosaur?! Why only 2 perfect teeth (not fangs even)?! His one small eye seems to be sheathed in some sort flap...ew, while his other huge eye has growths on it! The rest of his face is covered in orange scars! Don't forget the huge blue eyebrows and reptile nose! WHAT?! So cool.
Next, Fr-acne-stein is like the Monster Ball Frankenstein was sent through a James Groman machine. Much more gruesome and without that 50's retro style, this guy has a horrid orange color, with red patches of zits on his cheeks. The green scar on his head is super pronounced and delicately sculpted as are the bolts on his neck/chin. The half shut eyes add to his overall deathlike appearance and he's got a cool slick backed hair style. I do miss the classic Frankenstein flat top, but all his grossness more than makes up for that!

Last and kinda not least is this goblin inspired sadball I've named Ballgoroth. He's not the most exciting dude in the world but he gets points for an interesting design. His huge floppy nose and tiny peg-teeth are pretty cool. His face is all wrinkly and saggy too! I checked his bottom (photo coming soon) and he's got a familiar Emson Freaky Fred stamp! He's related to these guys! Why his name is exactly the same is beyond me but he now resides very close to his brothers...what the hell is wrong with me?!

In conclusion, these are all (except for one, and he knows who he is) cool and worth grabbing, but good luck finding them. The only one that I've ever seen pop up before is Baseboil. Anyway, I've got something REALLY cool in store for next week. A two year old interview I did with James Groman himself!! See you next week nerds!


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