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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas To Mike, and To Mike a Good Night!

Hey dudes, this is just a preview of some stuff I recently found myself while shopping for other people. It all arrived 2 days before christmas! Those Bizarre Balls were an excellent score, and will probably be my next post. The water squirting Oculus was a sweet gift from a person who follows this blog in Australia! And that little suction cup Swine Sucker was an ebay purchase. Sorry to keep this short, but I'm gonna go watch Gremlins for the 4th time this season, hope your holidays are gross and yucky!!


  1. LOL I was watching those Bizarre Balls. I am sure I put a bid in, but forgot to watch the auction end. Glad they went to a good home.
    I didn't end up getting the Trashheads. But I did get my money back. I have actually contacted the sellers parents (He wouldn't get back to me). So I am hoping they can still be salvaged...especially if they are lost in the mail :(. Would be first parcel that has gone missing mind you.
    Anyway. Glad the Squirter got to you safely.
    Looking forward to your review of the Bizzare Balls when you get a chance.
    Enjoy the rest of your holidays, Mike :)

  2. i just got a set of those bizarre balls for christmas and was going to write you to see if you knew of them! awesome stuff.